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Crowds flock to national park

Holiday drawcard: The Figure 8 Pools are among many atractions that have made Royal National Park so popular. Picture: Wolter PeetersMost visitor precincts in Royal National Park were full, and some had to be closed, over Christmas and New Year.

National Parks and Wildlife Service said Audley, Garie Beach, Wattamolla and Bonnie Vale were the most popular.

A spokeswoman said the Royal was the most popular national park in NSW and consistently attracted more than 3.2 million visitors each year.

“The most popular destination is Wattamolla, which, on busy summer days, attracts more than 4000 people and about300,000 visitors per year,” she said.

“When the most popular spots are full, those sections of the park are closed to further visitors to ensure the safety of those at the site and the protection of the environment.

“Over Christmas and New Year, Garie and Wattamolla reached capacity and were closed to ensure public safety and sustainable use of amenities.”

The spokeswoman said big crowds were also expectedon Australia Day.

“Australia Day is always very busy and we expect all visitor precincts to reach full capacity,” she said.

Visitors were encouraged to visit the NPWS website for updates on park closures or consider alternate sites, such as Karloo Pools in Royal National Park or Kingfisher Pool in Heathcote National Park.

The spokeswoman said the increasing popularity of Wattamolla hadled NPWS to consider a number of improvements and enhanced safety measures for the site.

“They includemanaging pedestrian safety, extending the car park, improving walking access and improved safety signage, all to help manage increasing visitor numbers whileprotecting the site’s natural and cultural features,” she said.

“Options set out in the plan range from redesigning Wattamolla’s waste water system to an online car space booking system to providevisitors with certainty of access during busy days.”

The spokeswoman said 153 submissionsreceived in response to a draft plan of managementwere being considered, and the finalplan was expected to bereleased later this year.

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The magical Byarong Creek hike you’ve probably never heard of: photos, video

The magical Byarong Creek hike you’ve probably never heard of: photos, video A water dragon at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Percy Kennedy discussing the area in 1934 – Illawarra Mercury.

A freshwater tortoise at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Upper cascades, Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong.

The view from the top of waterfall at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Retracing past adventures up to the waterfall at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Upper Cascades, Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong.

Upper Cascades, Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong.

Petrified wood. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Petrified wood. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Petrified wood. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Typical rock hopping sections up to the cascades. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

A geologist’s paradise at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Rocky outcrop at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

The fork up to Mount Keira at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Stagnant pools waiting for the next decent rainfall at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Fungus up close at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Ceratopetalum apetalum, also known as that glorious flowering tree we have been watching turn from light green to red over the escarpment. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Natural obstacles at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Green vignettes at Byarong Creek. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Venturing back into the suburbs. Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

Photo: Bushwalk the Gong

TweetFacebookI think Byarong Creek probably looks much the same today as it did in the 1930s – at least.

Starting in the suburbs at the back of Mount Keira, the creek quickly turns into pristine wilderness so typical of the surrounding rainforest areas.

It’s a relatively flat creek witha distinctive fork, leading you up towards MountKeira Scout Camp, or south towards the cascades under Mount Robertson.

Bushwalk the Gong founder Jenae Johnston at Byarong Creek.

Taking the creek to the left, we are overtakenby some great young kids who are also venturing up to the waterfall.

Immediatelywe find a natural water slide – which in wetter conditions would be amazing, with itsslippery smooth surface already carved out.I should’ve had a go, I guess!

The trail consists of lots of rock hopping and ample opportunity to check out the local wildlife, aquatic life and gorgeous plants including native fruits, flowering trees and majestic red cedars.

Along the way, there were lizards, water dragons, yabbies, frogs and fresh water tortoises and fish, not to mention a chorus of birds the entire hike.

I’m not sure aboutthe exact status of the water quality, however to the amateur eye it appeared very pristine, save some algae in the stagnant pools.

True to Percy’s observations, there aresome very distinctive shale outcrops on the left which can be surveyed(watch out for some minor rock falls we observed with the unstable shale!), petrified wood fossils, sandstone conglomerates and, of most interest, granite – typical of volcanic activity. There are many interesting rocks that you jump on that tell thetale of the geological history of the area.

The cascades lead you up to various pools and waterfalls, very similar to the cascade trail in Macquarie Pass National Park.

There is even rope to assist the climb up the side of the larger waterfall,where we wereagain greeted by more pools and cascades.

This walk is an obvious favourite for the young local kids, spending a few hours searching under rocks for yabbies and cooling down in the summer months.

It’s a welcome sight to see that younger generations haven’t lost that evolutionary yearning to explore and be in nature – at least for a short-livedalternative to the screen for a change.

Happy exploring!Jenae Johnston.

For more information, visit the Bushwalk the Gong Facebook page

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Letters to the editor

LETTERS: Send letters to the editor to [email protected]苏州美甲培训419论坛Television reception problemsHow much longer are Network 10 going to treat its viewersand advertisers in such a shoddy fashion? I and many others are fans of the big bash cricket.

My only option to watch it is to record it from Channel One, Network 10’s second station, as I do not get to control the remote in my house after7pm.

Time after time the message is that your recording has failed because no signal is being received. It is not good enough.

I noticed earlier this week that a replay of one match was played at 2.30ambut who knew about it?I only found it by chance. Come on Network 10, lift your game.

It seems anytime there is heator unsettled weather, the signal goes.

An insider at the Port Lincoln office told me last season when this was happening constantlythat Network 10 was using second hand receivers on the towers.

I demand an explanation Network 10.


Port Lincoln

Capping has led to oversupply of graduatesI am one of many university graduates affected by this conundrumbut I am not a quitter and nor am I looking for hand-outs, merely a fair go and a hand-up, which is totally different to a hand-out.

As a mature aged student, I studied for a university degree whilst working a full-time job, and ultimately gained a Bachelor of Government and Public Management in 2013 with excellent academic results. Looking to better myself through higher education and totally committing myself to the rigours of work and studies and the delicate balance between them, I was certain this commitment would pay off.

Having invested time and money, naturally I am disappointed that threeyears aftergraduating, I have failed to secure a position of any kind in my field of studies. In applying for in excess of 200 positions where my qualifications were suited, I found I was competing with up to 4000 other applicants for ahandful of vacancies.

With the public sector’s limitation of threeyears since completing their degrees for graduates to secure a positionand without being able to gain experience, the prospect of finding gainful employment in my field is sadly quite diminished.

Not one to sit on my hands and wait for offers, and thinking that ‘the world owes me,’ I have approached countless local and state government departments for unpaid work experience, just to gain the experience I need to provide me with a better likelihood of success, but due to many reasons they cannot offer this.

I have also written to many politicians regarding my concerns and have been extremely disappointed with the lack of feedback or encouragement of any kind, and on many occasions, not even the courtesy to acknowledge of my letters.The limited feedback I have received by their staff is to say sorry to hear about your strugglesbut just ‘keep trying.’ The many politicians I have approached for work experience that have responded, all say they cannot offer this.

You would not be criticised for thinking that I am madbut I still believe higher education is the key to success, along with dogged perseverance, and with that in mind I am now studying my Master’s in Public Administration (Policy).

Due to constant rejections I have felt quite overwhelmed, frustrated and disheartened about the prospects of future employment; not to mention the burden of paying back a $48,000HECS debt. I have a strong passion for politics and keen to obtain even a basic entry level position, and for that reason I am reaching out to anyone who is willing to offer me such an opportunity.

I hope my tenacity, reliability and commitment might be rewarded by opportunity. Anyone willing to provide such an opportunity will not be disappointed.



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River remedies floated

EYES OUT: River regular and Gumi Race co-ordinator Glenn Maslin believes introducing buoys in the Murrumbidgee would help reduce drowning deaths.

A MURRUMBIDGEE River regular and Gumi Race co-ordinator has floated a number ofradical solutions to reduce the number of drowning deaths in Wagga.

Debatesurrounding the inherent dangers of the waterwayresurfaced following the recent tragic death of 42-year-old Melbourne man Peter Abd-El-Kaddous.

The incident added tothe troubling Wagga statistic wherebyone life is lost to the river every year.

Well-known community figure Glenn Maslin believes the city needs to follow in the footsteps of Deniliquin by installing life-saving buoys along the popular swim spot.

“If you ran buoys along the river and had rope attached to them, people would have something to hold onto and aim for if they got into trouble,” he said.

“When someone gets caught in a strong current, that would be their only way to keep themselves from being swept under.”

It comes afterWagga Councillor Vanessa Keenan said that making waterways safer was the responsibility of the entire community.

“We need to keep having the conversation,” Cr Keenan said.

“We can’t stop people using the river but we can talk about the dangers.”

She saidthree recommendations would be put forward at the next council meeting to review signage along the popular swimming spots, discuss the cost-versus-effectiveness of lifeguards andintroduce an annual water safety campaign.

Mr Maslin said the recommendations were a step in the right direction, but stressed that education was not the sole solution to the problem.

“Council should even look at removing some of the submerged rocks,” he said.

“It’s dangerous and only takes an excavator to get some of them out.

“We can’t just say it needs education, we need to do something more.”

The Melbourne man’s death has contributed to a total of 225 water-related incidents across the state in just two months.

Deputy Murrumbidgee SES region controller Jon Gregorydescribed the river as a dangerous commodity if not respected.

“Every year we are involved in body searches for drownings in the Murrumbidgee River,” he said.

“There’s a huge threat of boats being capsized and people being swept underwater and into stumps, rocks and debris.”

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Grassfire alerts for Warracknabeal and Donald



THECountry Fire Authority has issued acommunity information message forBenayeo andBringalbert.

There is a haystack fire at Apsley-Natimuk Road, Bringalbert.

“Haystack fires are not likely to spread into grassland but will generate a lot of smoke,” the communty message stated.

“Firefighters will be attending this fire until late tonight.

“This fire may continue to burn for a number of days.”


As of 1.50pm Saturday, the Watch and Act alert at Bangerang has been downgraded to ‘advice.

Thegrassfire at Pietsch Road isunder control.

Fire crews and aircraft are currently attending this fire.

The Country Fire Authority has stated there is currently no threat to communities, but you should continue to stay informed and monitor conditions.

What you should do:

Monitor weather conditions and warnings as grassfires can spread rapidly.Keep the roads clear so emergency services can respond.Impacts in your area:

Grassfires can create a lot of smoke.Smoke will be visible from nearby communities and roads.Murtoa Fire Brigade group officer Sonny Taylor hasasking everyone that is still harvesting to consider pulling up due to lack of trucks in the Dummunkle group of brigades.


The grassfire at Bangerang-Pietsch Rd, Bangerang has been brought under control as of 1.30pm Saturday.


As of 1pm, the grassfire incident at Carron between Donald and Warracknabeal has been downgraded to advice.

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planninghas given the ‘all clear’ for a bushfire that started in BigDesert on Thursday.


THECountry Fire Authority has issued two ‘Watch and Act’ alerts for multiple grassfires burning between Warracknabeal and Donald at noon on Saturday.

At least 25 tankers are believed to be attending the incidents as well as aircraft.

WATCH and ACT for Areegra, Bangerang, Boolite, Homecroft, Sheep Hills.

There is a grassfire between Newell Road and Rupanyup Road, Bangerang, that isnot yet under control and travelling in southerly direction.

WATCH AND ACT for Areegra, Boolite, Carron, Donald, Laen East, Laen North, Lawler, Litchfield, Minyip, Laen.

There are multiple grassfires on the Borung HighwayBetween Warracknabeal and Donald.that isnot yet under control.

The Borung Highway is closed


Don’t wait, leaving now is the safest option – conditions may change and get worse very quickly. Emergency Services may not be able to help you if you decide to stay.

The next update is expected by 04.10pm Saturday or as the situation changes.

Live fire incident updates via the VicEmergency website

What you should do:

The best protection from radiant heat is distance.

Travel to the home of family or friends that are away from the warning area.When you leave remember to take your pets, mobile phone and medications.If you encounter smoke or flames whilst travelling, turn around and drive to safety. If you’re unable to turn around and drive to safety, a car offers more protection from the fire’s heat than being caught on foot in the open.Keep the roads clear so emergency services can respond.If you are away from home do not return.If you do not have a plan, decide what you will do if the situation changes. Find information on protecting yourself and your family: 苏州美甲培训cfa.vic.gov419论坛/plan-prepare/i-live-next-to-grassland/.If you stay, seek shelter indoors:Bring your pets indoors.Close all exterior doors, windows and vents and turn off cooling systems.Shelter in a room that has a door and or a window to the outside so you can keep an eye on what is happening with the fire.Health information:

If you need medical advice for burns or exposure to smoke, seek medical advice or callNurse on Callon 1300 606 024.Anyone experiencing wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing should call 000.Smoke information:Smoke can affect people’s health.People with heart or lung conditions (including asthma), children, pregnant women and older people are more sensitive to the effects of breathing in smoke.People with existing heart or lung conditions (including asthma) should follow the treatment plan advised by the doctor.Stay informed:

Via苏州美甲培训emergency.vic.gov419论坛.Tune in to ABC Local Radio, commercial and designated community radio stations, or Sky News TV.Call theVicEmergency Hotline to talk to someone about this warning on freecall 1800 226 226.People who are deaf, hard of hearing, or who have a speech/communication impairment can contact VicEmergency Hotline via theNational Relay Serviceon 1800 555 677.For help with English, call theTranslating and Interpreting Serviceon131 450(freecall) and ask them to telephone VicEmergency Hotline. If you know someone who cannot speak English, provide them with this number.Download theVicEmergency appor follow VicEmergency onTwitter(#vicfires) orFacebook.This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on 苏州美甲培训.